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About NLP and Health

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

NLP Gesundheit Trainings Neuro relates to our nervous system where our behavior, our thoughts, our feelings and the state of our bodies reside.

Linguistic implies that it is mainly language that enables us to both internally store our inner experiences as well as share them with the outer world. It is through language that we create our map of reality.

Programming is the ability to change behavior patterns and feelings in such a way that they become useful and constructive to our personality as a whole, thus fostering our growth and health.

NLP is solution-oriented. Every problem carries within it a solution. The solution is often a question of perspective and the flexibility to integrate our own new perspectives. Solution-oriented thinking and acting that is supported by NLP provides more playroom for the decision making process.

NLP is resource-oriented. NLP presupposes that everyone already carries within them all the resources they need for mastering their life. The treasures must first be uncovered. Those in touch with their strength, their talents and their abilities possess the energy to easily achieve their goals and ambitions.

In the context of health and healing, the main emphasis of NLP is not to process the limitations on one's life. Its aim is to further develop and improve the present quality of life by revealing how to tap one's own inner resources.

The body possesses its own language through which it makes its state and its needs heard. At times we may be able to comprehend its signals and promptly respond to them.   NLP can present us with numerous techniques and methods to enhance out communication with both our selves and with others in a healthy and nourishing manner.

NLP can aid us in exposing the hidden messages of symptoms. These new insights greatly support our inner healing and growth processes.

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