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"To administer medicine to illnesses already broken out ...,"
can be compared with the behaviour of people who start to dig a well
after they became thirsty, or those who want to forge weapons after
the battle has started. Could it not already be too late."
The yellow emperor´s classic of internal medicine, 200 v. Chr.

Whoever has had his experiences with a standard basic medical care, knows that health is equated with the absence of illness-symptoms rather than with real well being.

Health is in my understanding something that goes beyond conventional, purely physical terms, and is something that extends far into personal and social systems.
A healthy relationship, fulfilling friendships, a filled occupation and to be connected with social systems, to have worthwhile life goals and visions, are all factors, which should be included in our understanding of what health is.
The definition from the World Health Organization (WHO) already comes quite close. It explains health as a condition of complete physical, emotionally - mental and social well-being.

This cannot be a static state since the human being is an open living system which is in continuous exchange with its environment, this cannot be a static state.
I understand health and well-being as a process, in which body, spirit and soul come into an equilibrium again and is seen as a harmonious, balanced unit.
In this view each individual has to find out for him or herself what can support him in this process towards a healthier, more balanced way of life.
The quest for a healthy life becomes an attitude, which I maintain in relation to my body and soul.

"...man is healthy,
if all his parts
amounts to one unity..."

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